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The Best Care for your Best Friend

The new luxury spa has been designed with your dog’s safety in mind, individual bays to keep your dog safe pre-and post groom. Non-slip surfaces and anti-fatigue matting to keep your dog comfortable whilst on the table.  Hygiene is very important to us here at The Hound and with that in mind we use veterinary approved cleaning products throughout the spa to keep everywhere clean and keep your pet safe.

We have sourced the best quality professional and natural shampoos, sprays and spa products for your dog; as substandard products can be detrimental to your dog’s coat and our aim is to have them looking their best.

We have Cheshire’s first Ozone Jacuzzi bath which has been imported from Hong Kong,

Complete Care

Professional Dog Grooming and Luxury Spa treatments for the dogs of Marple, Cheshire.

“Maria has groomed Peggy, our cocker spaniel, since she was a puppy. Maria recommended that we introduce Peggy to the sights, sounds, and smells of the salon from a young age. Peggy is now always happy to see Maria, and she looks immaculate and smells gorgeous when we come to collect her”

Sian Trenchard, Peggy

Frequently Asked Questions

Before bringing your furry friend to us, it’s understandable that you might have a few questions. Here are some questions commonly asked by our customers

We are qualified and members of the British Dog Grooming Association, you needn’t have any fear, your furry friends are safe with us.

Our highly trained groomers offer a wide variety of breed trims and lengths chosen by the owners, as long as the dog’s coat condition allows us to complete the required style. This is always discussed beforehand during your consultation.
Our full groom includes a variety of high quality stages, you can see more on the types of groom and what they include here.

You can see all of our services here

Our salon has air conditioning to make sure the pet is comfortable at all times. We also have heating if it’s needed in the winter.
Not if you don’t want them too, your pets come in at an agreed time, and only spend the necessary time with us to ensure the groom is completed. However, you are welcome to book a half day of day care for your dog if you want us to keep them with us for a while. This can be agreed at your consultation.
Yes, we have a City & Guilds Level 3 Professional Diploma for Dog Grooming Stylists. All of our grooming colleagues also have continuous development to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest training and procedures involving pet welfare and grooming.
Our main priorities are your pet’s health and happiness. We introduce each procedure slowly with the use of thunder shirts, Adaptil plug-ins & happy hoodies to help keep your pet calm at no extra charge, and make the groom as stress-free and fun for them as possible. Feel free to bring your pet in for a visit before booking them into any treatments.

The sooner the better, as long as they’ve had their injections. We offer a puppy package to puppies under 6 months to help socialise them into the grooming process so that they are comfortable and happy being groomed as adults.

During the session we slowly introduce the pup to the noises and sensations of grooming at comfortable pace. We also trim the hair by their eyes to stop the hair growing into them and around the bottom area to keep it clean as well as looking at their feet and nails. We can also advise you of a grooming routine and the correct equipment to use at home – perfect for keeping your pet happy & healthy between grooms.

Smooth and double coated breeds can be deceptive. Although they don’t need clipping, We offer packages that you can add onto your full groom to pamper your pet. These include teeth cleaning, hand stripping, conditioning treatments, facial scrubs, mud baths, shampoos selected specifically for your pet’s skin and coat, plus microchipping and flea and worm application in specified salons.they still moult. We can give them two baths to remove dirt build up and blast the undercoat to help loosen it to allow the skin the breathe. We also have a selection of equipment we can use to remove the loose fur to leave your pet’s skin healthier & happier.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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