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Project Description

Professional Care

Here at The Hound we are dedicated to making your dog feel relaxed and calm in a home from home environment. We offer a number of different grooming services, depending on the needs and lifestyle of your dog and we can advise the best treatment for them.

All appointments include a 5 point health check and a consultation to discuss any health conditions we need to be aware of before we groom your dog.

Puppy University

(puppies must’ve received its 2nd vaccinations)

We love puppies at The Hound Dog Grooming Spa and we recommend that you bring your puppy as soon as they have had their second vaccinations, we are now offering enrolment into our Puppy University class.

By introducing your puppy as early as possible to grooming, we can familiarise them with handling and encourage their social skills. Dogs that come to us early and frequently are well-behaved, used to the routine, the groomer, the noise of the hairdryer and the environment. They are a joy to groom for life, and we can produce the best results on a well-behaved, calm and confident dog.

The Hound offers your puppy a Full Diploma in Grooming Etiquette this involves:

5 visits to the grooming spa to familiarise your puppy with:

– Grooming handling techniques
– Safely getting on and off the table or entering and exiting the bath
– Salon equipment and sounds including driers and clippers
– acceptance of nail trimming and ear cleaning
– Socialising with other puppies or dogs
– Includes 2 bath & blow dry sessions

We will offer advice and weekly reports on your puppies progress and an areas which need some ‘home work’.

We can then schedule your puppies first full groom which after graduating from Puppy University they will be at ease with the experience.

Cost is from £100 depending on breed

Terms and Conditions apply

*appointments must be used consecutively over 5 weeks

**Puppies are classed as a dog from 6 months old

All grooms are tailored to the individual dog so if your puppy isn’t happy with any aspect, we will use different methods and work with them to overcome any fears.

We will also offer advice on coat maintenance, the best tools for you to use at home to groom your puppy, show you the best ways in which to do this and give you handy tips.

Full Groom

Whether you want a style worthy of crufts or a simple easy maintenance trim for your busy lifestyle we are happy to discuss your needs and can offer advice on the best trim suitable for you and your dog, having had experience with most breed styles.

For the daring we can also offer Asian Fusion styles which are the latest trend for many of the toy breeds Bichons, Yorkies, Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzus etc and mixed Poodle breeds.

Bath And Deshed

Perfect for short haired and double coated breeds this intense treatment penetrates deep into the skin and hair follicles, helping to release dead hair and prevent excess shedding, whilst hydrating and cleaning the coat, leaving it conditioned smelling sweet and looking fabulous.

The coat will then be dried with a high velocity dryer to lift out the dead hair and we will then spend a minimum of 20 minutes using a variety of shedding tools to remove as much dead hair as possible, resulting in a glossy coat and less house work for you.

Hand Stripping Service

A skilled technique used to remove the dead coat from the dog; this form of grooming preserves the coats natural texture and colour. Suitable for most wire-haired breeds, this is a manual process and due to the labor-intensive nature, a lot of groomers no longer offer this service. At The Hound Dog Grooming Spa we enjoy hand stripping and will be happy to offer a consultation to check the condition of your dog’s coat to see whether it is suitable for hand stripping.

We do not always bath a dog immediately after as this can sometimes cause an irritation which can lead to a skin infection so we offer a bath a few days later, this will be advised at your initial consultation.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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